When Do You Need a New Roof

How To Tell When You Need a New RoofWell, if your asking, you probably need one.  But, let’s go over a few things to see if you might be able to buy time.  However, if you are sitting with buckets all over your floor, yes, you need a new roof.  As the roof springs a leak it can cause more damage than first appears. This is because your roof leads to your attic that then leads to your ceiling.  Do you see, that the roof to the ceiling is a long drop, through all the insulation and finally dripping into Read More

Roof Inspections To Avoid Expensive Repairs

Roof Inspections Can Help You Avoid Expensive RepairsThe roof of your home is important to keep you, your family, and belongings safe.  To get the longest life from your roofing system, it is important to have it inspected yearly.  An inspection will help locate problems due to moisture, which could lead to expensive roofing repairs.  The yearly maintenance job of an inspection is overlooked by homeowners until they are in a situation in which they are facing costly roof problems.By adding a yearly inspection to your calendar, you can avoid being a homeowner who finds themselves facing expensive roofing repairs. Read More