Springtime House Maintenance

The Complete Springtime House Maintenance ChecklistIt’s that time of year – Springtime House Maintenance. Some love it – some hate – most have to do it. Here is a quick checklist and reminder to keep you on pace and ensure that don’t forget anything that can prevent issues down the road.Start With a ListRight before you begin your maintenance, make an extensive check-list to be sure you don’t neglect any concealed areas. Roof, siding, foundation, windows, gutters – just to name a few. We’ll highlight a few of these areas to pay close attention.SidingThere are several locations where you ought Read More

What Do Ceiling Stains Mean

Does a Ceiling Stain Mean My Roof is Leaking?Ceiling stains have you concerned? Nobody knows their home as well as the homeowner. One of the most dreaded repairs among any homeowner is roof leaks. If you have brown stains developing on your ceilings, you should take action immediately. It is much better to have potential leaks dealt with right away before they become expansive and costly repairs.Ceiling stains are not attractive and can come from an extensive list of probable causes: Pest InfestationsMold and MildewChemical SpillsWater leaksKeep in mind that ceiling stains are not always a sign of an impending leak. Read More

5 Potential Roofing Problems For Your Home

5 Roofing ProblemsGetting the longest life from the roof over your home, it’s important to learn how to spot problems before they arise. Roofing systems are known to encounter various issues throughout their lifespan. In this article, we’re listing the most common problems that may arise, and how to handle them. Unless you are comfortable being on a roof and using the tools required, we strongly suggest you hire a roofing contractor to complete the job safely. The FasciaThe fascia is a front board that runs along the line of the roof. This band runs horizontally and can also be Read More

Delta Roof Repair

Delta Roof RepairSearching for Delta Roof Repair Services then look no further contact our friendly and supportive team and find out more about our amazing Services Tailored to meet your specific needs. Roofing Expert ProfessionalsOur team of tried-and-tested expert professionals are always available and serving you. Providing you only the best Delta Roof Repair.We’re here and waiting to hear from you and answer any questions you may have on how we can better repair your roof in Delta, Wauseon or Maumee, OH.Reach out to us and let us show you our unwavering standards and commitment to you. Your satisfaction with Read More

When Do You Need a New Roof

How To Tell When You Need a New RoofWell, if you’re asking, you probably need one.  But, let’s go over a few things to see if you might be able to buy time.  However, if you are sitting with buckets all over your floor, yes, you need a new roof.  As the roof springs a leak it can cause more damage than first appears. This is because your roof leads to your attic that then leads to your ceiling.  Do you see, that the roof to the ceiling is a long drop, through all the insulation and finally dripping into Read More